Blog on.

Recently something has been brought to my attention. Yesterday I went to visit with a friend of mine, and she poked fun at me for all the updates I post on my Facebook page. I shrugged it off, but then went home to watch an episode of House where this woman was blogging her entire life story. Her boyfriend was becoming increasingly irritated with her blogging when she blogged to ask advice on what type of surgery to get... he said it should be up to HER and her alone. I feel that he made a good point when he said that blogging invites too many people into your life. Nothing is sacred or secret.
My point is: how many of us blog about the minute details of our lives? And more importantly, why? Does this blogging create or eliminate isolation? I mean, even in our social networking pages like Facebook and Myspace, we are reaching out for some kind of confirmation. Here we post our daily updates and goings-on. Even worse becomes Twitter, where people "Tweet" about every single detail of their lives. "I'm waking up," or "About to eat a turkey sandwich..," how much of this is necessary? And does this, in fact, bring us closer to people or isolate us in that we are now more clearly able to discuss our feelings via "post," rather than verbalize it to our friends?
I also know plenty of people who will attempt to take a jab at a frenemy by posting something on their own Facebook page. These social networking sites have become an open door for people to eavesdrop on you, be it good or bad. "Oh, you noticed I said that? How weird!!" No, it isn't weird, you posted it in plain sight where you knew they had about a 75% chance of reading it.
People naturally reach out to one another, only now you have created the chance for someone to reach out to you without actually acknowledging that your voice is heard. And I feel that this also give people a sense of false importance when they assume that all 5,002 friends they have see or even care about their daily grind. At what point do we just stop droning on about nothing and sign off?
I am not preaching this by all means, but sort of talking to myself about it. I guess to talk myself out of sharing so much information... by blogging to the world about it, Lol. It is an interesting thought.