You want to know something I thought of today that I found rather amusing? Okay here goes:
Do you ever feel bad for venting about your personal life? I know I do. I feel liiike... like I'm burdening other people with my dramas and "woes," you know? And to a certain extent I think that's probable.
But here's the funny part too: Do you ever (for you fellow bloggers out there) feel guilty for venting about your personal life on your own blogspot? I totally do. Isn't that funny??
I mean, here is your place where you can be you. Where you can say, you know, whatever you want... and yet you/I feel bad for bumming out these people you don't even know are reading about it. Hell, no one might be reading it for all I know.
Sometimes I read people's blogspots and they're all about how great Kid A is and how great their perfect husband is at his new job. And then I go to post something, and sometimes I think..."you know what? This week sucked. And it seems like _______'s life NEVER sucks. How unfair." And then maybe I proceed to talk about some totally irrelevant topic of conversation just so that I can avoid pointing out how much less awesome my life is than so-and-so's.
I'm sure everyone has hard days or months or years. And maybe some people just keep their issues to themselves, and honestly that's totally cool. I guess my point today is that sometimes it's comforting when I feel guilty for burdening people with my problems on here... in hopes that someone else out there might wonder where all the imperfect people are.



As you know I often read the Kabbalist website for wisdom I cannot attain on my own. This entry was from a few days ago, but I just got to read it for the first time today:

Words have tremendous power to heal & bless, and terrible force to harm & curse.
Our intention determines all. That's why it's important to consider the person with whom we are speaking and to know where our heart is.
Today, think before you speak. Be in control of every word that leaves your mouth. Use your words as a force for helping people.

I really liked this. How many times do we say things without thinking. My friend Lori calls it "word vomit," and it really is. It seems like whenever I get upset about something, I just start talking. I don't know where my sentence will go and who it will affect. I don't even know why I'm saying things I say half of the time. I liked the concept this post brought up of being in control of every word that leaves your mouth. Because I'd say a good portion of the time, I don't have control over my words... and that's just absurd. These are my thoughts, and on a scientific level there is zero reason at all why I shouldn't be able to control the manner in which I relay them to the world. It's like when you get in a fight with someone and call them a name... I mean, really? Did you mean to say that? Half of the time you know they aren't that thing, and even if you really think that they ARE that- I highly doubt any person would want to say it to them. I mean what person in their right mind would actually, when you sit down and rationalize the consequences of it- be the type of person who calls other people names? For starters it makes you look VERY weak. Similar to curse words, I think people name call simply for the shock value and because they can't think of anything more intelligent to say. I mean, who really name calls anyways? Usually it's kids in like middle school or something.
On another note- who WANTS to be mean to other people? I mean, sure, you can sit there and say, "I don't care about other people. If they're lame I'm going to tell them I think that!" Okay, freedom of speech and fair enough. But what about when I ask you, "Why don't you care? Why is it, exactly, that you don't care about other people's feelings?" I don't think there is any answer one person can give that legitimizes that question without being immature.
My point is, without going too much more into it, be nice. Be respectful, be compassionate, be kind. These things are not a sign of weakness, they are a sign of maturity. If you've got the brains to discuss things with people and control your words before they leave your mouth, there's no reason to stoop to cruelty or rash thinking. You'd be amazed at how easily your world can be managed with a little understanding and some patience.