You want to know something I thought of today that I found rather amusing? Okay here goes:
Do you ever feel bad for venting about your personal life? I know I do. I feel liiike... like I'm burdening other people with my dramas and "woes," you know? And to a certain extent I think that's probable.
But here's the funny part too: Do you ever (for you fellow bloggers out there) feel guilty for venting about your personal life on your own blogspot? I totally do. Isn't that funny??
I mean, here is your place where you can be you. Where you can say, you know, whatever you want... and yet you/I feel bad for bumming out these people you don't even know are reading about it. Hell, no one might be reading it for all I know.
Sometimes I read people's blogspots and they're all about how great Kid A is and how great their perfect husband is at his new job. And then I go to post something, and sometimes I think..."you know what? This week sucked. And it seems like _______'s life NEVER sucks. How unfair." And then maybe I proceed to talk about some totally irrelevant topic of conversation just so that I can avoid pointing out how much less awesome my life is than so-and-so's.
I'm sure everyone has hard days or months or years. And maybe some people just keep their issues to themselves, and honestly that's totally cool. I guess my point today is that sometimes it's comforting when I feel guilty for burdening people with my problems on here... in hopes that someone else out there might wonder where all the imperfect people are.

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