Be Gentle.

Early this week I made a commitment. I decided to start being more kind to myself, more gentle and more forgiving. I think we insist on pushing ourselves too hard. Perfecting ourselves so consistently that we forget to be forgiving with our imperfections. And it often seems that when we push things too hard to go one way, they tend to go the opposite way in almost an act of defiance.
I'm starting with my attitude towards the people around me. I want to start looking at my world around me through more forgiving lenses. Stop judging. Get back my sense of patience with things that I might not fully understand. Listen more, speak less.
I also want to be more gentle with my body. I've been eating like crap lately. Lots of pizzas, chips, and junk food. It's awful. My body needs to be better taken care of. I've also been going crazy with my face, scrubbing with unforgiving cleansers and masks. And I need to remember that my skin is a very sensitive canvass, and needs to be taken care of gently. I hope to be less abrasive, in ALL areas of my life.

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