My apologies for being absent as of late. There are a few good reasons, I'll have you know! For one, I have been poking around in my blog history and more or less sniping away at entries that are boring or overly personal in hopes that I will be able to use my blog for more professional reasons. The writing bug has been biting pretty hard now that I'm doing some work for NiteGuide and I'm hoping to cater my blog to more resume-type exposure. We'll see how it goes! I'm also crazy busy, as most people are during the holidays. Last week was Thanksgiving and a huge group of us went to Big Bear to rent a cabin and gorge ourselves on some of the best eats I've had, ever ever ever. Now it's time to gear up for Christmas with not only my personal cards, gifts, etc.- but also work mailings to be sent out as well as MORE cards and a party to plan. On top of that I'm planning a trip to Ohio for Christmas.
Lots and lots to do, but hopefully I get a breather in there to update more about my goings-on and make some fun plans for 2013! I miss your guts, and will write again soon!
In the mean time, check this out (I can hardly wait, this looks amazing):

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