Not for the faint at heart

So I got my surgery date moved up. Originally we were waiting for November 10th so that my boss could take a much-needed vacation, but my body decided otherwise. Monday I had to leave work early to have my mom take me to the Emergency Room. I was sitting at work and suddenly had a sharp bursting pain like something had popped in my chest and then kind of like a trickling sensation throughout my right side of my chest. I thought for sure my lung had collapsed. I made it over to the couch and hunched over, unable to even sit up straight or lay down, for about 15 minutes before I was able to call to my boss for help. My boss called my mom, who dropped everything and came to take me to the ER immediately.
After several hours of testing and drugs (which were, by the way, awesome) they told me that my lung was not collapsed but that my tumor had been pressing on my lung... something where he compared the wall to grapes being crushed and popping. This was resulting in my lungs filling with liquid and that's where Im at now. They gave me some medication for Pneumonia and some Percocet for the pain. By the way: Percocet is flipping awesome. I've never been a pill popper and luckily for me I don't have anywhere near an addictive personality or I would be in trouble here.
Anyways... I will try to keep you guys updated as this whole thing goes on, but for now here is a printout of my CT scan and a picture of me Monday night at the ER. Of course I'm Texty McTexterson in the picture since I'm on major drugs. I also, may I just say, look totally awesome.

Haha, the little heart monitors look like funny little metal nipples.

Here is my CT Scan. You can see where my spine is at the bottom, and my heart is the thing to the upper left. The highlighted part is my tumor. I'm debating if I should name it... too far?

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Katie said...

Interesting picture. Your tumor is taking up your whole chest cavity!!!!!! You're in our thoughts and prayers today (Tuesday). You're PRECIOUS!!!!