Oh Joy Eats!

Well, I literally went through every single post on
and fell in love!
This blog is my new favorite as the author (I'm assuming her name is Joy) simply has the cutest taste and the most amazing online finds of all time! Her posts vary from places to eat in various cities around the world to cute things she's found to buy. Just about everything has to do with food, or course! Here are a few of my favorites from the site- I suggest you scope it out yourself!
These sushi-shaped cookies were WAY too cute!
I cant figure out where to get this, but it's a gold (and edible!) spray paint that you can basically cover anything in. Absolutely amazing!

These refrigerators are seriously too cute!!
Adorable poster!
How stinking cute is this cutting board? And it's actually sorta practical too! Only catch is do I want to spend $45 on a cutting board...?
These ingenious little babies are chunks of chocolate that you simply stir into hot water for a single serving of hot cocoa!

And last but not least is this set of serving trays for toast and cupcakes. I wonder how easy it would be to just make the cupcake tray(?) It would just be a matter of finding some butterflies I could spray paint and glue on, plus the cups and plates. It's definitely worth looking into!

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Sandy Rose said...

Omg the cutting board and the fridges!! I dieeeee