Life for the sake of itself.

I talk a lot on here about working on one's self and the processes that I suggest taking to get "there," wherever "there" is. And I think that projects of the self have always sort of fascinated me. They become this crazy sort of roller coaster of Finding Yourself, including the highs and lows of the whole ordeal. I think that the problem can, on occasion, lie where people assume that they are capable of completion. Like they have this person that they can become and once they reach that, they are somehow "done."
We are never Done. We are never Completed.
And that is a very, very good thing.
I think that people get so caught up in this idea that they begin to look at everything around them as a destination, rather than a journey. The dream job becomes "where I want to end up." Or the spouse who becomes "who I want to end up with." And they get upset if something doesn't pan out, which to me is sort of ridiculous. No person, place, or event is our end goal. They are a part of a time that has passed, and you are now in a time that is. Exist now.
There's really no Grand Finale to life. Not to sound morbid but the last day of your life will almost certainly wind up being a random Tuesday like any other Tuesday. But that's the point: life is about making each and every Tuesday extraordinary for the simple reason that it's a day and each day is a gift to be marveled at. I can guarantee that if the last day of your life is spent playing video games and eating ice cream- that will be the most vivid video game and the sweetest ice cream you will ever enjoy. Every day should feel this way. Every nap is a luxury. Every hand held is warm with the pulse of precious life. Each breath should taste of the sweetness of life. The world is love, and beauty, and hope. And it's a journey, without a destination.

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