Does anyone else feel like they spend DAYS just sucked into a musical rabbit hole? Because I do. Granted I work for an entertainment magazine, so it's sort of my job to know about music. But even before I started doing that I was more or less obsessed with music. I can remember the days when I would sit in my sister's room while she was at cheer practice- her radio stuffed with a blank cassette tape- and I would wait until "That Song" came on the radio so I could record it. I still have songs from the 90s that I don't know the intro to because I didn't quite catch the whole thing. I remember sitting in my brother's room (because apparently I spent a lot of my childhood invading my sibling's personal space) listening to Morrissey and They Might Be Giants.
Some people get stirring cravings for comfort food; I get them for comfort music. And movies, but I wont even get started with movies because that's a whole new can of worms.
Now that Spotify is on my radar, I pretty much spend all of my time browsing music and listening to new songs and artists I hadn't heard of before. Youtube is great for that too, fyi. Anyways, without further adieu, here are a few songs on repeat this month (so far). Let me know if you like the idea of me posting these and I can do it more frequently.

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