A Fool For School.

Well, it's almost time for school. That's right, I'm going back. Now before anyone thinks that I am being noble or trying to actually further myself (wouldn't want to give that impression!), please note that I am not going back for a degree. Why, you ask, would anyone do this? Well...
Quite frankly I'm bored. And I was thinking of all the opportunity I'm wasting by not learning anything new lately. I had given some thought to going back to school while I was planning my trip to Europe, and I couldn't think of a legitimate reason not to go back. And who knows, maybe I will take a few classes and realize that I should be taking something relevant. But for now I am taking classes that interest me. I think the thing I always disliked about school was that I had this set list of classes to take in order to "make something" of my education. But according to whom? I never want to be something to meet any one's standards but my own. So this semester I wanted to take classes that I felt would pursue interests of mine and hopefully improve my standard of living in a few ways. Namely- creative writing and nutritional classes. Two of my great passions. Words cannot express how excited I am to get started. I'm sure the writing class in particular will be tough, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. And like I said- who knows where this starting point will take me? Maybe next I will decide to get another degree...?

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