This is my friend Sayum. She used to live with me. Let me tell you why she's so great.

Sayum was supposed to move into a house with myself and a few other girls back in 2007 or so, and she had found us on Craigslist to rent the room there. When she came by to look at the place we all instantly fell in like with her and wanted her to be our new roommate. The only problem was that we had all planned to move out of that house and look for a new one together. So we called Sayum and told her, "Look: we are moving. And we would like it if you came with us and we looked for a 4 bedroom rather than a 3 bedroom." And that day she voided out the check she had written for her deposit and we found the house that I currently call home. I remember when she first moved in that we weren't particularly close friends, mainly due to the fact that I was never home. But in the nearly 3 years that we shared a house, I'd like to think that she and I have become much closer friends. And it makes me happy.

The first thing that I noticed about her was her loyalty. When I get mad about something or someone, I have a tendency to want to vent about it. I freely admit that to any of my friends... "If I'm mad at you, I'm going to discuss it until I feel resolved." Sayum has always allowed me to vent to her, but she NEVER joins in. And I respect that about her. I know that she is a very, very loyal friend at all times. I think that Sayum's friends are very important to her, more so than with most other people. I see her as the type of friend who, if you called her at 3am stuck somewhere, would throw on some slippers and drive to get you. And she wouldn't ever hold it over your head as any kind of "You owe me one!"

Another thing that I've always admired about Sayum (and quite frankly I think most people notice it too) is how effortlessly stylish she is at all times. Her room at my house, and the handful of places she has lived since, have all been immaculate and adorable. Her outfits- always put together. I don't think you could even attempt to catch her looking anything but super cute. She has a slew of tattoos that are my favorite I've seen, so well done that people have copied them! Normally I would be jealous of someone like her and how easy she makes it all look except that I'm lucky enough to be her friend and can just ask her for tips on how she does it!

I have never once been in a fight with Sayum. I don't think it's her style. And not that she's any kind of push over, just that Sayum is logical. She isn't going to act in a way that will be rude, or selfish, or nonsensical. She's very, very smart and she has always been one of those people who is mature for her age in so many ways. She knows what is important to her and she never pauses to doubt it.

Sayum and her boyfriend Grant just got engaged a few weeks ago and it makes me so happy. He is another one of my absolute most favorite people in the world and they could not be more of a perfect couple. I am beyond excited to see the life that they create with one another because I know how amazing it is going to be. I consider myself very, very lucky to be counted among their friends!!

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