Face Friends.

I think that the whole online social media networking thing is so funny some times. But at the same time, sort of important in this modern age when life has gotten so busy that the best way to keep in touch with people like my friends and family outside of California is to Facebook them. Funny how that has become the new thing. I have, in recent months, tried to limit my connections with people on Facebook because a lot of these online friendships aren't real. I stand by that belief. If I don't talk to you, or if we haven't spoken in months, I am probably going to delete you since we're not really friends anyway. I just don't see the point. This is, of course, with the exception of the absurdly stylish girls I know who I completely stalk their outfits so that I will be inspired to get off my lazy arse and throw on something besides jeans and a hoodie. I know, I know. But it's been SO cold outside!!!
Anyways, I have people that have legitimately gotten upset with me for deleting them from my Facebook, to which I reply "Then call me some time, friend." I've deleted old boyfriends with whom I no longer speak because I feel that once you break up with someone you have no business in their lives unless you've maintained a good friendship with them in the first place. It seems so simple like that, at least to me.
So today, my list is short, and that's totally fine with me. I don't need to have 900 Facebook friends to prove to myself that I'm a likeable person. And the people that I have on there are people who I admire, and who inspire me. If all of your posts are depressing or strangely vague about "I don't, like, get people some times..." your comments are probably blocked from my page. I still adore you, but if your life is that difficult and we are that close- I have probably found out about it from your voice and not an online message board. I don't need my friendships to turn into guessing games about your emotions. Talk to me, and I will try my best to listen (see New Years Resolution #1!!)
Side note: I also find it hilarious when people do the "I'm deleting 5,000 people from my Facebook. If you're still here tomorrow, we're friends!" Uhh... for one: Is that really how we're determining friendships these days? And two: if they have to be told that they're your friend rather than notice that you don't talk anymore, well... I mean come on, man.
Having said that- I want to take a moment to talk about the people in my life. I wont pretend that I talk to everyone I know on a daily, or even monthly basis. But I try. I attempt to check in with people every so often and am known to send people a message or card out of the blue to let you know I'm thinking about you. Because it's a common occurrence for me to just randomly stop in my tracks and think, "I wonder how so-and-so is doing?"
I don't have a history of surrounding myself with the best people. Trust me. I could tell you some stories about friendships that would rock even You as a listener. I have a tendency to trust too quickly and care too much about people who don't reciprocate. But in recent years I have been making an effort to erase (see: delete) those kinds of people from my life. And I have to say that the results have been amazing. And recently when I was looking on my Facebook page and through some of my friends, I realized just how lucky I am. I know some pretty amazing and interesting people. Each person on that list is someone who has been inspirational to me. I guarantee that I can tell you at least 3 things about each one of them that I admire and respect. It's pretty cool. I have people who are world travellers, amazing parents, brilliant artists, and funnier than I could ever dream to be. Looking through this list really reminds me how completely and utterly lucky I am to have had the chance to be exposed to the people that I know. This world and the people in it are pretty incredible. I highly recommend that you take a look through your friends and consider how amazing they are. It's a very humbling process, to bow your head to the fact that you not only chose them- but that they chose you. You- and I'm talking to YOU- are great. I like you.

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