Life Tides.

I know I talk about this one a lot, but I just can't emphasize enough that the single most important thing in life (in my humble opinion) is to remember that it's all about balance.
Life carries a certain ebb and flow to it that's easy to forget. Whether things are great or they're miserable- it's easy to think that it will be that way forever. I, for one, find myself getting caught up in some sort of false finality of the current moment. Almost as if each moment will last forever and whether for better or for worse, my mind tells me "this is it!" Good fortune, heartbreak, loss, great ecstasy... no matter the occasion it can feel as if it's your final destination. But it really never is. There will always be a next moment, for better or for worse, up until your final moment on Earth. And even that is up for debate.
Life comes in waves. It's good, it's great, it's crummy, it's great again. No one knows what tomorrow will bring and rarely can one even predict it. It's never until you look back on a moment that you truly understand it's place in the great cycle within your story.
I've got a friend who is in a low point of her story. She has been discussing with me some of her problems and the frustrations that come along with it. More specifically, it's about a boy. Isn't it always?? And this girl has been in an ebb with said boy for some time now, and continues to expose herself to emotionally damaging situations because... well because of why girls (and boys?) do this all the time. Fear. Even if it hurts her, even if he has a tendency to make her positively miserable, at least the situation is familiar. She knows him, she knows this territory. And there is that fear of the unknown where it's almost as if she begins to believe that it's better to stay in a damaging situation than to venture out into the unknown where there are unfamiliar dangers waiting. And we all do this same thing. We stay with the familiar for fear of the unknown. Because it's easy, and in a weird way- somehow safe to us.
We forget that life has a flow out there. We forget that even if this moment totally sucks, the next moment could be great. And so we hide. We get caught up in the sadness of the moment, and disregard the obvious fact that tomorrow will almost certainly be better. We over analyze and overreact and stress out that the ebb is permanent.
There is, of course, the opposite side of the coin as well. Today might be spectacular. We might come upon some money, grand adventure, or meet someone who we think might change our lives. And that elated feeling rushes through us like a shot of adrenaline. This is a good thing- remember these moments. They will come in handy when the bad days pass through.
Whatever you feel today, remember that it is only today, and that tomorrow will be different. Remember, during moments where you feel down, that tomorrow will bring another moment of joy. Also remember that tomorrow might be less stellar and so you ought to appreciate today. Don't be afraid that tomorrow will bring something different- because whether you focus on the fear or not, tomorrow will bring whatever it wants. Move forward into it. Bravely, with your chin up and your mind sharp. If something makes you feel good- relish it. If something makes you feel bad- leave it. It's as simple as that. Don't stay in a bad place because you're afraid of moving forward. Don't get down on yourself because today sucked. Remember that you've had good times and you've had bad times, and they have always- without fail- moved forward into something else. Move forward with them.
In closing, here is a little (unrelated) musical treat, introduction to which is courtesy of my musical soul mate:

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