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I talk a lot on here about comparing myself to, well... myself. It's like a little game I play; me now versus me five years ago, or ten years ago, or whatever. I guess that in a way, I'm keeping up with my 'stats.' Almost as if my life was some kind of sport and I want to gauge my progress. This is (I believe) a very good habit.
Today I came across a quote that said something along the lines of: are you happier than you were this time last year? What I loved about this was the simplicity of the question. Because the answers are always that simple. It didn't ask "what were you doing last year?" It didn't encourage you to dwell on your life 365 days ago. It simply asked if you were happy. And I'm a big fan of that kind of simplicity.
The way I see it, there is a very simple answer to that question, along with very basic follow-up. Almost like those charts you see when you read Cosmopolitan magazine or whatever you read. You know. The ones where you answer yes or no, and depending on your answer you follow an arrow to the next step?
Yes, I am happier ------> Good. Keep doing what your doing.
No, I'm am not happier -----> Do something different.
It's comical how easy that is. If you are doing amazingly well, good for you! Keep doing what you're doing. Make goals, grow as a person, further your development as a human being.
If you find that you were happier this time last year, bummer. However there's a silver lining to the equation: you've already been there. You know the recipe, you just have to tweak the ingredients with what you have on hand. Were you in great shape last year? Get off your butt! Were you excited about a trip? Plan another adventure! Whatever makes you happy- just get to it, no matter what. Gain that momentum and I'd bet my life on it, this time next year your answer to that question will inevitably be YES.

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