Today is moving day! My wonderful, amazing, brilliant Digital Producer over at Music In Press has decided that if I want to further my writing, I'm going to need to also move my blog over to Tumblr. I will still be posting here as well, but they'll also push over to my new site with them in order to broaden my audience. I literally do not know what I would do without some of these incredible people who seem to believe in me so much. You can find me here:

And now, something that seems like such an obvious. I have so many things that I still want to do with my life, and I guess I never really sat down and wrote it out. I hate to call it a Bucket List because... I don't know. That seems so generic and unoriginal. So I'll just call it my Dream List. It sounds prettier that way. Here's to copying Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman:

Photo credit: Warmythings on Tumblr.

1. Build/Sleep in/Design a Treehouse. Anyone who knows me understands how badly I want this to happen. I don't know what it is about Treehouses, but they seem sort of like the closest you can get to magic without actually involving fairy dust.

2. Visit the following places: Rome, Barcelona, Machu Picchu, Bali, Croatia, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Galapagos Islands, and several parks throughout the US. Not in that order, and more places are on my radar but not at the top of my list.

3. Get my pilot's license. This is a tall order, but I feel like it would be such an amazing experience.

4. Live in a log cabin in the woods. Even if it's only for a week.

5. Take a road trip to Zion National Park, camp, and hike The Narrows.

6. Learn to play the Ukulele.

7. Have something published on Thought Catalog and/or Think Simple Now.

8. Create an elaborate meal based on something from What Katie Ate. 

9. Decorate a house/apartment/cardboard box and include the following: mason jars for cups, birdhouses and a garden, trinkets from my travels, a giant bookshelf filled with goodness, a hammock, and rocking chairs on the porch. 

10. Stop feeling the need to wear make-up.

11. White Water Rafting.

12. Be more involved in humanitarian work.

13. Build a piece of furniture out of wood.

14. Take the following classes: photography, cooking, computer courses (for the programs I don't know very well!), and more art classes.

15. Learn to really live on less. 

My dreams are pretty simple, for the most part. Hopefully more will follow, soon!

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