Here's Some Stuff.

The past week or so has somehow ended up filling itself with conversations about this blog. I have been fortunate to be surrounded with people who love and support me and perhaps because this site is becoming more relevant in my professional life- people are letting me know their ideas to improve it. I couldn't be happier about that.

Among the suggestions I've gotten lately have been to incorporate a bit more regularity. I have an opportunity in that I get to browse the internet and also peruse through some pretty neat musical talent, and I think it would be good to share that with people. Because I legitimately enjoy writing about the things I currently include here, I wont plot out a weekly situation at the moment, but I'd like to start posting lists of some fun things I've gotten to see this week/weekend. So today will be the start of that. I suspect I will find a clever moniker for these lists at some point, but today let's just say, "Here's some stuff."

This song makes me want to dance barefoot in a cabin somewhere.


This has been on my bookmarked list for a while.


I want this to be my future life.


I am so obsessed with her yoga videos it's not even funny.


I think most people have heard of THIS site, but it's really fun in cases of Wanderlust.

Have a great week!!

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Jack Lunar said...

Looking forward to these musings.