So yesterday was my doctor appointment with my Thoracic surgeon, Dr. Davison. I was pleased with what he had to say, which was nice. Rather than write it out, I will give you my checklist of upcoming events:
1. Make appointment with the surgeon at the Sunset Blvd (L.A.) to have more or less a meet and greet with him.
2. Make appointments for another CT Scan and also a PET scan.
3. Go over results, schedule appointment for my surgery sometime in January-ish. Since we removed a lot of the tumor for biopsy in my last surgery, it hasn't been causing me any trouble and therefore we are in less of a rush to get to my surgery date :)
So that is the lowdown on my tumor and I. I have a nice break between surgeries, which is great and will give me the chance to relax for a minute, after which I will have my surgery in L.A. with two surgeons and a Cardiac Surgeon as well to come in and get any remaining germ cell tissue off of my Vena Cava or to swoop in on the off chance that there are any problems. I wont get as many visitors this time around since I will be further away, but it will be well worth it to finally (I hope!) be done with all of this.
And now for the non-surgery topic: more Christmas stuff. I can not seem to get my mind off of Christmas this year... I guess I just have a lot to be grateful for, more than any other year at least. But I found a nice little checklist to keep my sanity the next month or so and thought I would share it with you! Merry Checking!
Early November and before:
__ Update your holiday card list. Determine how many cards you need and make sure you have updated addresses.
__ Shop for cards and wrapping paper. This one is directed specifically like those who (like me) have a difficult time waiting to give people their gifts. It's much easier if you wrap them! Out of sight, out of mind.
__ Make plans for overnight guests. Most people my age don't seem to have to deal with this one, but if you are playing hostess this year for any of the coming holidays, you may want to check that you have spare sheets and decent towels for your visitors. Nothing says "Starving college student" more than bath towels with holes in them. But then again, maybe that's what you're going for during the gift-giving season!
__ Make a master gift list. This one is pretty self explanatory: list those you need to buy gifts for and ideas for what to get them. Don't forget to jot down a couple of non-specific things for those people who buy you something when they may have completely slipped your mind! (Oops!)
__ Make a budget. Go with a ballpark figure that will help you stay financially grounded when things start to get crazy.
__ Start shopping! Just a thing or two here and there. I am trying to get anything I just happen upon or stuff that I know is not going to go on sale this year... this is a good time to get large gifts out of the way because you know anything that just came out this year probably isn't going to go on any kind of clearance due to high demand.
One month before (Directly after Thanksgiving):
__ Do any online shopping. Order gifts ahead so that you have time to wrap them. Monday after Turkey day is a great time to online shop, they are notorious for having huge sales (The online equivalent of Black Friday).
__ Start to decorate your house. Keep notes of anything (bulbs, ornaments, etc.) that may need to be replaced and stock up as you see fit.
__ Take stock of glasses and plates. Again, this is for hostesses only and the only reason I am even mentioning it is that I wanted to tell you they have AWESOME deals at Ross right now.
__ Start writing and addressing holiday cards. This can take some time, depending on what kind of cards you write. Are you the short and sweet type or the heartfelt novelist? Begin cards accordingly.
Three weeks before:
__ Mail cards. Duh.
__ Buy a tree. This is a good time to buy one that will stay fresh through Christmas. Go here: http://www.ehow.com/how_2136296_keep-christmas-tree-alive.html for tips on how to pick and sustain your tree this year.
__ Prepare your meal. No, not ACTUALLY start cooking, but order your turkey or ham (you don't want to get caught short!) and make your list for the big event. Again- hostesses only.
Two weeks before:
__ Make sure out of town presents are mailed. Try to have gifts out by December 10th.
__ Shop for perishable items. Get canned goods or pantry staples out of the way. I imagine this also helps with guilt when you get your grocery receipt from the actual main event shopping.
One Week before:
__ Deep clean your house. If you have time and if you will have ANY company, not just a party. It's just holiday manners.
__ Buy batteries for any gifts that will be opened Christmas day. ESPECIALLY if you have kids. I remember opening gifts and having no batteries to actually play with them and it totally sucks.
Three days before:
__ Shop for fresh ingredients. This will give you time to avoid grocery store traffic a bit but not let them go bad.
Two days before:
__ Start cooking... anything that can sit in the fridge for a couple of days. (I don't know about this one, but I'm not a chef.)
__ Buy fresh flowers. This will give them time to bloom before the big day!
The day before:
__ Recharge the batteries on your camera or video recorder. Self-explanatory.
__ Finish any wrapping or cooking that needs to be done.
__ Sit back and relax!! Merry Christmas, you did it!

** Note: I do not claim, in any sense of the word, to actually follow this list exactly. I just think it's a nice idea and something I will attempt to follow loosely this year.

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KYoho said...

I like it....even though some of the stuff doesn't apply to me each year, I'm sure I'll remember to look up this list you posted at Christmas time!