To Chemo or not to Chemo... that is the question.

Well I am not really in the mood to write some long blog today so I will keep it short but we had my appointment with my Oncologist today. He said (in so many words) that he doesn't recommend Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy because the tumor is not definitely Malignant. He said that there may be parts that ARE malignant, but nothing they can tell for sure right now. He recommends another surgery. Sooo... awesome.
On another note, I'm healing nicely. Here's an updated scar shot, now 3 weeks post op. Although I don't know how much it matters since I will just have to get another surgery and get cut back open again anyways.


Whitney said...

Bummer about another surgery. How frustrating, but I suppose the fact that it is not Malignant is good news. Praying for you!

Toni and Wade said...

Yeah another surgery seems like a lot to have to deal with again but on the other hand if its keeping you alive and them (Dr's) getting rid of it then I'm all for it! Good luck and keep us posted love! miss you!