Happy Life.

I read a blog today that talked about how to "Live a Happy Life." I actually haven't finished the entry just yet because I stopped in the middle of it to follow this exercise and was so amused when I did.
It asked us to think about what we enjoyed doing as a child. Our gifts, most likely, hadn't changed. And the blog entry suggested that we ought to consider what made us happy once upon a time in order to decipher what would make us happy now. So I started to make a list of the top 5 things that I used to do as a kid that made me the most happy. When I finished, I laughed out loud at myself. Here is my list:

1. Write Stories
2. Play Outside (ride bikes, tennis, etc.)
3. Play with animals
4. Listen to my sister's radio and my brother's CDs. I also loved to make mixed tapes.
5. Play pretend- be it with Barbies, my play kitchen, or a game we used to play wherein we would make up our dream life.

How funny is it that all of the things I loved as a kid are currently my favorite things to do? Writing, getting outside. Playing with animals?? Mixing CDs for my friends and downloading new music? Even the play pretend is funny since one of my favorite things to do is daydream about how I want to spend the upcoming days of my life. I plan vacations. I imagine my future home when I have money to decorate it. Teaching myself how to cook... it's all who I am today.

I guess I'm on track after all.
Maybe you could try it now: what made you happy as a kid? Are you still on track?

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