How cool is this chandelier?? I have no clue where it's from, but I found it online a few days ago. In other news, I started school last night. Pretty excited about that. I suspect that I wont have much time for blogging the next little bit mainly because I will be focusing on my writing projects. But I would like to go over September Goals, which I think I will do tomorrow.
August Goals went alright. Not great, but that's okay. I haven't made an appointment with my counselor but I DID completely block myself from spending any money on my credit cards. I also did not finish the Superhero book I was reading because it got REALLY boring about a quarter of the way through it's 450 pages. But I did start and finish reading Stealing Faces, a thriller that Amazon recommended to me. It was good. I'm going to see how it goes the next few weeks with school and if it's looking like I have enough time to dedicate to it I would like to start reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Great success at spending some more "girl friend" time this month. A handful of my closest girlfriends and I have been doing a weekly girls night at my house, which has been really fun! We usually watch a movie and make something good for dinner and it's been a great way to get together and just hang out. I'm a complete homebody so going out to clubs or bars hasn't been my thing, whereas eating dinner at home and chatting about what is going on in each other's lives has been really cool.
Sorry if this post isn't very exciting today. I've been running around at work and at home and haven't had time for much of anything else. Laundry is piling up and I desperately need to get outside and walk Nora more often but there hasn't been much free time for that stuff. Not that I'm complaining, but it's always nice to have spare time. Oh well... another lifetime!!

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