Some Days...

Photo source: unknown

...I want to be somewhere in a tent. 

I want to be somewhere where the air is clean and clear and just outside paper-thin canvas walls.

I want to put on thick grey wool socks that scrunch up around my ankles and are too big to fit under my pants.

I want to sit by a fire pit and wrap myself in a big warm blanket; hot drink in one hand and a marshmallow-capped coat hanger in the other.

I want to look up and see more stars than I've seen in months, and know that I can stare at them all night if I want to because I have all the time in the world.

I have this craving- to be out in nature and in the dirt and the wind. To hear noises in the darkness and shine my flashlight on them in a mix of fear and excitement.

I want the sun to be my alarm clock and the trail to be my commute. 

I want dirt under my fingernails and lake water in my hair.

There are days when being stuck in a building sounds like the worst thing in the world. 

Days like that... I just want to be somewhere in a tent.

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