Daily Purpose.

I got to thinking today about what people can and do accomplish in their lives. Don't ask me to backtrack on it because it would take forever due to a day spent sandwiched somewhere between reading Self-Help books and browsing National Geographic's website. In all fairness I also spent a good portion of my day watching Family Guy on Hulu, so it's not like I was deep in thought ALL day long.
I was wondering to myself... what things are important to me? What things do I want to do, on a daily basis, and if all I ever do is those things- I will feel as if I've lived a full life? And here is what I came up with. If I can do each of these things every day, no matter HOW bad my day is, it will be a success.

1. Make someone feel good.
2. Learn or see something new.
3. Stop and really look at the world around me.
4. See something simple and beautiful.
5. Laugh.

What's your list?

PS here is something pretty for your ear holes!!

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