Fall into Winter.

It's Halloween and all I can think about is how excited I am for Fall & Winter. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, basically. This year I get to spend Thanksgiving in Utah which means I get to play in some snow, finally! I'm also a huge Christmas fan and I am really excited to start getting things ready! Christmas cards, decorating my new house (which hopefully my roommate will be cool with), and looking around for good presents. Lots of chocolate-peppermint stuff and nights of hot cocoa and big fuzzy warm socks! I'm excited for ribbons and shiny wrapping paper. I have never been a person who cares much about getting gifts for Christmas, but I love the idea of giving your loved ones something fun to open and use. So I can hardly wait for that, too. I am looking forward to a mix of a few choice Christmas songs and a lot of Gangster Rap which, for some reason, really puts me in the Holiday spirit. It's time!!

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