New Girl.

Some big changes are happening in my life, and I couldn't be more excited about them. I think that the funny thing is that I am always so scared to make changes but when I do I always- every single time- end up coming out the other side so much happier. So I'm not sure why I get so freaked out to embrace change when it happens. I guess that'll be something I need to work on.
For starters: I no longer have Nora. I know. I'm a terrible pet owner. I always said I would never be one of those people who gives away an animal, but I felt that it was the right thing to do. I am hardly home and even when I am home, I'd rather not be. I've thought for years that I was such a homebody but as it turns out I'm really not. I like to go out and go camping, hiking, hang out with my friends, see movies, all that stuff. And it was becoming increasingly unfair to Nora to have her sit in the yard all day with no one to play with. So I gave to to a friend of mine a few weeks ago. I have seen her since, however, and I can tell that she is SO much happier there. Which makes me confident that I made the right decision.
Change number two is the biggest change of all. I am moving. Not far, just to the next town over. But it's far enough that I'm hoping to cut some drama out of my life and move forward into the next phase. I've lived in a condo with 3 other girls for the past nearly 6 years, and it's time to move on. The girls have rotated in and out through the house and I'm the only person left from the original group that lived there. Which, I think has given me some sense of longevity but at the same time has put a lot of pressure on me. I've become kind of the one "in charge" of a lot of stuff that I've gladly taken on as my responsibilities since I've been there the longest. But it's a lot of pressure on me that I don't need. My new house has way less people and will be a great environment since it's someone else's house and I don't have to shoulder all the responsibility of everything. It will be good for me to take my hands off most things. Between my house, my work, and my pet-owning responsibilities... I have just been feeling a lot of pressure to be someone I never signed up to be, simply because I'm the type of person willing to step in when something is needed.
November will be the turning over of a new leaf, and I'm thrilled at the prospect of all these changes. Changes are really just opportunities to grow, and I have every intention of doing just that. Growing and evolving, yet simplifying. I want to hold onto ONLY the things and people in my life that I positively need, and let go of the rest. The next few months are going to be a whirlwind but I'm embracing it. I'll probably even start making goals again once I have time to catch my breath! I'll be sure to keep you posted.

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