Last night I was reading my Daily Om and happened on something that I found to be a very fascinating point. It was essentially saying that it is beneficial for people to share their unique gifts with the world. Now I know that this seems like a kind of "duh" thing to discuss, but it occurred to me that we all have a plethora of gifts to share with the people around us. And how many of us are (A) Aware what they all are and (B) actually sharing them?

I think that sometimes it becomes awkward for us to decide on what our unique gifts really ARE, because in some way it makes us a bit arrogant. But it isn't arrogant to admit to something that has been bestowed on you. You were given these gifts by a higher power, and it is now your duty to give these gifts to the World. Use it. Share it. Give it away.

By utilizing your unique gifts, you are not only helping the people in your life, but you are helping yourself. In sharing this part of you, you are learning that you are useful. That you are a part of the greater good. Your self-esteem will rise and your gifts will improve upon their use. I suggest making a list of your talents. Even the ones that you find silly. Now go through and see where you can use them. Who can you share these gifts with? Make a goal to share at least one of your gifts with someone this week. Are you good at numbers? Help your nephew with his math homework. Are you a good listener? Be a sounding board for your best friend. Embrace the unique qualities that make you YOU, and give of them to the world around you.

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