Things that bring joy to my life.

Beautiful covers of songs I know
Slip on shoes
NO shoes
The juice at the bottom of a Snow Cone
Tree houses
Foodie blogs
Buddhist wisdom
Home design
Musky old books
Vegetarian meals
The smell of the Ocean
Charitable causes
Inspirational goal-making
Delicate accessorizing
Getting dirty
Cleaning up
Thick-rimmed glasses
Vegetable gardens
Impulsive travel
The look of the sky on an overcast morning
Awareness & Enlightenment
Reading nooks
Gnarled and interesting trees
Candle-lit baths
Ancient architecture
Fancy cheese platters
Wire birdhouses
Spicy chocolate
Chamomile Tea with Agave
Thermal pants
Comic-based movies
Candle-lit picnic table dinners
Campfires and warm blankets
Soft flowy fabric on the skin
Pale shades of peach
Interesting kitchen spices and sauces
The feel of hair after a fresh cut
Mason jars
Solo dance parties
Yoga and stretching
Passion in beliefs
Ocean-side pools
Navy-colored glass
Laughing so hard you cry
Beautiful foreign films
The warm sun on my shoulders and back
Frozen yogurt with fruit and sweet granola
Big cushy arm chairs
Moments where you look around and realize how much you are head over heals, absolutely in love with your life.

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