Heart Day.

Happy Cupid Day, ladies and gentlemen! I am extremely tired today, so I will cut right to the chase. Today is my first Single Valentine's Day in a few years, and I have to admit that I find it amusing. Especially as I talk to more and more single people and they all seem to be kind of... well, bitter about it. Since I was a kid, my favorite holiday has always been Valentine's Day.

I feel that my philosophy has become simply stated: LOVE. Love people. Love your surroundings. Love life. Just love. There is so much good in the world, if you choose to open your eyes to it. And in choosing my interactions with it all, I choose to love it dearly. Which is exactly why no matter if I am single or not- I adore this holiday. It further amuses me when I hear other single people complaining about being alone on Vday. Unless you live in an island in the middle of nowhere, you are never alone. What because I don't have a "beau" one day a year I'm a lonely Lucy? I don't think so. I have family to love, I have my pets, I have my wonderful and amazing friends. There will never be, in my life, a shortage of people to love. And I feel like that's the whole point. Not to get chocolates or jewelry or roses, but to get love and to give it in return. THAT'S the point of Valentines Day. Not things, but feelings. Not more stuff to put on your shelves but more stuff to put in your heart.

I know it all sounds a little mushy, but it's really true. And I guess if you can't get a little mushy on Valentine's Day, well when can you??

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