I've got Sunshine.

So today I am trying to keep that steam train rolling through. So far so good! I feel like once the weather warms up I start to feel that old inspiration again. There's something about cold weather that just makes me lethargic and lazy, you know? Today I am reminiscing about Springtime and the joys of longer days. Days when I would get off work and the sun was still shining. Days when I would drive home with my windows rolled down so that I could feel the warm air rushing through my fingers. Parts of my fingers that don't get as much attention on a daily basis are cooled and coddled by the rushing wind. Everyone around me disappears as I drive home on the freeway, surrounded only by the thoughts of getting closer to the ocean. Even Beach Blvd doesn't seem so bad when you see people driving with surfboards on their roof racks, their Raybans smiling as big as their mouths. I blare my radio and sing along with one of the more upitty songs that seems to come out this time of year. And the closer I get to home, the more the air smells like sea spray. I could never leave California.

...Kind of makes you feel like Riverdancing.

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