Early Birdy.

Today, I read this article on waking up earlier:(http://thinksimplenow.com/productivity/how-to-wake-up-early/) and thought it was sort of a good idea to try to incorporate this into my life. I have always had a hard time with being a morning person. When I was younger, I struggled with the idea of ever getting a "real job" because it would mean that I had to join the early morning ranks. NOT my cup of tea. Pun intended.

But when I finally got a full time job, I learned that I could indeed get up before 10am every day. This, to me, was news. I've always loved the night life, but now that I am awake in the mornings I am starting to gain a new appreciation for the stillness of the morning time. There really is something magical about waking up before anyone else is awake. There is no noise except for you, quietly preparing yourself for the day ahead. Your bare feet pad silently across the tile floor, trying to tip toe softly as to not wake anyone else up. I like to listen to morning music mixes I have made myself on my iPad. There's that first sip of cold water that wakes up your taste buds. You look in the mirror at your disheveled hair and face and kind of giggle a little at how silly they are. The air is still and crisp. Now is a good time and place to slowly drift into your day. Not your car, not at work. No need to rush from bed to highway and office as the start to your day.

And so, I think tonight I am going to try the tips listed in this article. And wake up early to read a bit, stretch a tad, and drink my Chamomile Tea. An extra 30 minutes ought to do the trick. This means that I am going to also need to re-adjust my evening schedule. Which is fine since I'm working on being more mellow anyways.

I know this all sounds UNdeniably boring, but honestly... I kinda dig it.

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