"Let your heart break into a million pieces today. Allow yourself to cry today. Be vulnerable today. Feel gratitude today for the smallest and most ‘insignificant’ things. A taste. A glance. A breath. On this day of all days - your first day, and your last day." Vulnerability. What is it about it that scares people SO much? I don't know if I can think of a single person out there who is comfortable with the idea of opening themselves up to becoming vulnerable. It can make your relationships stronger or break them down completely. And why is that? The irony in it is that whether or not you allow yourself to be made vulnerable- the same feelings exist and process throughout relationships (romantic and friendship alike). Without allowing ourselves to open to the possibility of getting hurt, we never really stand a chance at a real connection with the people around us. I don't think that people can ever really connect with one another with a raised guard... there is nothing to bond through. It's usually the experiences where we are being tried when people can see us at our core- with our dukes up and our strength challenged. And these are also the instances where we make our deepest connections. Vulnerability is like that old game of trust. You fall backwards and someone will either catch you or not... you give yourself to someone. You are giving somebody the opportunity to drop you, to hurt you. But through it all, you're trusting in that person (or perhaps people in general) that they wont let you fall. That you will come out of it unscathed. The thing about making yourself vulnerable is that often times, we take out our lack of trust on the wrong people. You KNOW when someone is not to be trusted with You. You also know which people probably are. And giving your trust to someone who doesn't deserve it is where people get hurt, and in turn that hurt allows us to blame people in our future endeavours. "Well I've been hurt before." Great. But by whom? Point fingers all you want but in the end, you have every inch of the power to pull back from people who don't deserve your ability to be vulnerable with them. This post is directed in no particular place or person, I just think it's an interesting thought. Maybe, just maybe... allowing ourselves to trust other people and open ourselves to them isn't the worst thing on Earth. Just be aware of your surroundings. You can be open and aware at the same time. It's all a part of life's perpetual Balancing Act.

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