Trials Vs. Opportunities.

Let me paint you a little picture of my day so far: I woke up, got ready for work, and paused to re-read a chapter from my Om book before going to collect Nora from the back yard. The chapter I had read the night before talked about greeting your day with more or less open arms and rather than being fearful of it- looking forward to it's challenges. I really liked that when I read it last night, and I wanted to reiterate it this morning. So I paused for a second and talked my mind into looking forward to today's trials. I went downstairs to get No'No and, of course, she didn't want to come to me when I called her. I was irritated for a moment, but then I remembered that she has been doing really well with baiting her. So I got her treat and immediately, she came to me for it. Cool. We left for work and as I hit the main light I looked at my clock and realized that I would almost definitely be late for work. Dammit. Even as I approached the freeway I knew I didn't have the necessary time I needed to get from my on ramp to the exit (Yes, I think about stuff like this. And yes, I have my route timed. I'm a nerd). I decided not to panic, but to practice patience and just let my morning go as it would. But then, I noticed that for some reason there was zero traffic. I got to my work EXACTLY on time. I got to work and prepared for an audit we were having from our insurance company. I had been stressing about it all week. Sure enough, I get into work to discover that my boss will NOT be there for the audit and that it's all on me to make sure it goes smoothly. Immediate panic set in but I thought, "Okay Megan. You can do this. And quite frankly, you don't have an option. Okay, GO." The auditor got here, we sat down, and everything went smoothly. Great success! So then she leaves and in walks my boss's step-son, who is kind of a scary dude. I was disappointed that I wouldn't have some time to relax after my stressful morning, but figured that I would just be patient and let it play out. Within seconds he left, since he had only come to see if my boss was in.

My point in all this rambling- is that all morning I had trials. Things that I could choose to stress over or place patience into until it played out. And a thought crossed my mind in the midst of it: "Today is NOT a very good day to practice patience. Today is HARD." But immediately I realized that today is a PERFECT day to practice patience. When else would I have this many opportunities? And when else would my results be so recognized as today when they have been so blatant?

The way I see it, your tough days can contain one of two things to you: Disappointments or Opportunities. Today I learned that I am capable of handling a business audit. I learned that stressing over traffic is not only ineffective but sometimes unnecessary. I learned that Nora isn't quite to the come-when-she's-called stage, but she's getting there with the help of some training tools. And most importantly I learned that perspective is everything. I know my day isn't over yet. And I'm sure more trials will happen throughout it. But I'm learning. And right now- this moment- this lesson... well, isn't that the whole point?

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