I think that sometimes, actually lots of times... our lives are imperfect. Our today doesn't pan out the way we'd hoped. Or maybe we're just plain old tired. And our day seems pretty bad. And it's easy to become discouraged and feel like we're unhappy as a whole. But the thing is that you need to remember that everybody has days like that. And just because you're tired and less happy than you were yesterday does not mean that your life is unhappy. It just means that today is a tough day. And in cases like that you have to stand up a little taller, dust yourself off, and simply present the best version of you that you can. Maybe you fake it a little. But you keep in mind that you're pretty great. And you just take that knowledge and show off whatever greatness you think you have inside of you someplace.

...Then you go home and curl up under your blankets and let your cat tell you that tomorrow will feel better after a good night's sleep.

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